Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry pro skill!!!
Thierry Henry man he is a soccer legend. He is my most favorite soccer player. He plays for mls soccer, which stands major league soccer.
He play for one of my favorite teams NY Red Bulls. He use to play in the primer league with arsenal. He has scored the most goals with arsenal than any other player. He scores at least 40-50 goals a season which is really hard. He has really great skill. At first NY Red Bulls were really bad, but once Thierry Henry joined the team there was a huge difference. This in 2013 they almost beat the Dynamo and made to the eastern conference championship. There was one game against the Chicago Fire for the regular season championship. The Red Bulls had to win to get the regular championship and the Fire needed at least a draw. The Red Bulls were first down 1-0 and then Thierry Henry scored an amazing goal which got them the
Thierry Henry get ready for shot on goal
equalizer and they ended winning the game 5-2. Everyone on the team was happy. This was the first major trophy for the team. They made to the mls cup once and they lost 3-1 against the the team Crew. They didn't even win the regular season championship that year. The score was 5-1 and then someone on the Fire team scored of a corner kick. It didn't really matter because They score on the 88th minute and there 4 minute stoppage time and they can't score 3 goals in approx. 6 minutes. They didn't score even one goal in the six minutes. Thierry was awesome in the game.He had so much skill. He even got the Red Bulls into the playoffs with a draw against the revolution.

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